Professional cycling in Africa
- 5 July 2013 – VARA Dutch Radio 1

Kigali - More and more black Africans enter the world cycling stage. Why did it take
so long, what are their challenges and when will a black African win the Tour de
France? Andrea Dijkstra spoke about it with David Kinjah, Jock Boyer and Adrien

Click here to listen to the report.



Ugandan media besieged
– 22 May 2013 – NCRV Dutch Radio 1

Kampala - The Ugandan police has besieged the Ugandan newspapers Daily Monitor and
Red Pepper. Africa-correspondent Andrea Dijkstra explains why.



The Kenyan years of Chris Froome
– 20 May 2013 – VARA Dutch Radio 1

Nairobi - Chris Froome is hot favourite in the 100th Tour de France. His career started,
however, thousands of miles away in a tiny village on the outskirts of Nairobi, where
professional cyclist David Kinjah infected him with the cycling virus.

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Election observer Jan Mulder in Kenya
– 5 March 2013 – NCRV Dutch Radio 1

Naivasha - Dutch Member of European Parliament Jan Mulder is one of the EU-observers
at the presidential elections in Kenya. Africa-correspondent Andrea Dijkstra joins him on
this important day.



Nomadic journalism
– 19 february 2013 – NCRV Dutch Radio 1

Nairobi - Andrea Dijkstra and Jeroen van Loon tell about their life as nomadic journalist
and photographer, travelling together through Africa to tell the story of the rising continent.



Egypt’s revolution, one year later
– 25 January 2012 – BNN Dutch Radio 1

Cairo - One year after the start of the Egyptian Revolution, the Tahrir Square in Cairo
again is filled with millions of people. And they are not only celebrating…



Vote Compass in Tunisia
– 10 August 2011 – NCRV Dutch Radio 1

Tunis – After having developed a Vote Compass for the Netherlands, the US, Israel and
Turkey, Dutch political scientist André Krouwel now focuses on Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.
Africa-Correspondent Andrea Dijkstra visited him in the cradle of the Arab Revolution.

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