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TPO Magazine is the first platform worldwide that gives readers the possibility to subscribe to an individual journalist, by Internet or an iOS app. In our Africa-channel we publish stories about the backgrounds of war, corruption and the aid sector and also write about emerging economies, young entrepreneurs and our personal experiences in the continent. 

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Click here to register yourself on the website of TPO Magazine. After registering you can subscribe to our Africa-channel for 1,79 euro per month or 16 euros per year. The username will also allow you to logon to the iOS app (which you can find here). Subscribing to the app only, will unfortunately not let you log in to the website yet (so best is to subscribe through the website and use that login information for the app). Thank you for subscribing to our channel.

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Our Car

  • Sandy


    This Land Rover has been our home for already more than two years. Traveling by this car through Africa gives us a lot of benefits as journalist and photographer.